Extending a culture of
compassion and traditions
of generosity

Connecting payments services in African markets
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Connecting Services

Creating digital products for emerging markets for 250M migrants sending money to their relatives.

Great Service

Knowledge hub of the best remittance providers within reach of your family.

Serving More People

Our mobile first approach helps services and nations in emerging markets digitize faster.

Built Securely

Built with security and compliance in mind, delivering value to all our stakeholders.

Development Team

The founding team building a digital service layer meet the payment need migrants and their families requires intimate knowledge of the diverse communities served.

Matthis Bouanik
Product Advisor & Mobile Developer
Obsaa Abdalhalim
Founder & Mobile/Frontend Developer
Raja Hayat
CSO & DevOps Engineer

Empowering 250M Immigrants Worldwide

How remittance arrives to families across the world means touching the very fabric of payments in every emerging market. These markets happen to be the smallest in the world but it happens to be the fastest growing as well.