Save Time and Money!

Many people leave work or school and schedule their lives around agents that might be open. We are here to simplify that by connecting you to your favorite money transfer services from one place.

Saving Yourself Time in Traffic

You are busy student, worker, professional or best of all a parent with 10 things to do today, your time is always better spent elsewhere than on a drive to the store.

Debit Access to Your Bank Account

No longer will you go to an atm to grab cash because a bank grade secure payment product helps get the money out and to your favorite remittance provider fast as cash.

Available 24/7

We are your one agent that never closes. You do not need to call ahead to see availability hours because we are just an smartphone away.

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See how we improve the lives of people helping their families. We will continue to report on the postiive technological developments across the emerging markets of the world.

Mobile Banking in Emerging Markets

Understanding this two-sided problem in emerging markets means rethinking the products we built for banked markets.

Obsaa A.
Founder / CEO

What we found out after exhaustive amounts of interviews is that any mobile banking without cash pickup access in emerging markets is effectively useless in these markets, which happen to be the fastest growing markets in the world as well. Solutions like venmo, transferwise and even crypto will remain useless until these economies become developed to a certain extent where a majority of the population has access to reliable local banking services.

Team Behind the Product